We help concerned project owners in rapid development of robust and scalable applications that simply WORK


Continuous design

For the last 10 years we’ve been working on global scale, real-time big data Java EE projects. We can save your time by designing your Java application properly and maintaining application design through its life cycle so it never becomes a legacy system.


Stick to the plan

We shape extremely successful development teams. That's why we can deliver on time according to the agreed specification. Save money by delivering on time.


Automate testing

We have a team of QA automation engineers that help us to deliver rock solid applications. Grow your business instead of firefighting code errors.

We do Java

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Why choose us

We are the best at what matters most

  • We can provide our customers with essentials that are required to deliver successful Java project:
  • *Skilled Java team at the competitive price.
  • *Our experience in building global Java enterprise systems. That means no task is too big for us. Instead of reinventing, we can transfer the knowledge to your team.
  • *Automated quality testing therefore you can deliver reliable applications.
We are near

Software development is very complex. Make it easier by working with us!

    We believe communication is vital for high-quality, time and cost-efficient work. Studies show that nearshore outsourcing is one of the most cost-effective form of outsourcing. It is a combination of the skills, communication and culture.
    With our tech team conveniently co-located in Ireland and Poland you’ll benefit from:
  • *Same work ethic and culture affinity
  • *Great communication with team located in the similar time zone
  • *Team of highly skilled, self-driven and problem solving professionals


We discover what your plans and objectives are. We use agile project management and minimum viable product strategies to deliver results that best meet your needs at minimal costs and waste. You will achieve more and faster comparing with traditional techniques like waterfall.



When the general objectives of the project are clearly defined and you decided to partner with us, we spend a day on practical planning of our first iteration. We agree on the meeting agenda and we stick to it.



This part is when we design and develop the application. We put big emphasis on collaboration with you and we are always ready to respond to change and amend plans accordingly. We use short iterations to frequently gather feedback and refine design and requirements.



After each iteration we present our achievements. We regularly use progressive prototypes to demonstrate design and new features so you can provide us with the feedback, understand the progress and project's usability.